Privacy Policy

This website does not collect any kind of information from visitors. No tracking software is being used (such as Google Analytics, Remarketing or Facebook Pixel) and no personal data is being stored or processed by this website in any form (including Contact forms or mailing lists, etc.). This website only provides direct links  (email address) so that visitors have the opportunity to reach out to the owners. All links displayed on this website are direct URLs which are not embedded in any widget, hence, they do not send any data by clicking on them.

This website does not display any content which is hosted on other websites (such as YouTube or Soundcloud). Also, no „share or like“ buttons are integrated and hence, no information is being processed or sent to other websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). There is no interaction with external social platforms from this website.

Visitors cannot sign up to this website. The login area does not provide the option to register to this website. However, the owner of this website is able to login to change, add or delete data displayed on this website.

Contact information:

Mag.phil. Astrid Eichwalder
Kolingasse 3/14 A-1090 Wien
E-mail: eichwalder [at]

Kazimiera Katharina Szwedek
Zur Spinnerin 53/4/2 A-1100 Wien
E-mail: szwedek [at]